The RSPCA has today awarded Australian food manufacturer Simplot Australia with a Good Egg Award for their commitment to improving layer hen welfare in Australia by making the switch to source cage-free eggs when used as direct ingredients in their products.

The Good Egg Awards acknowledge major companies that have made the switch to cage-free eggs in their products and services.

RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil said Simplot Australia’s commitment across brands such as Lean Cuisine and Leggo’s was an important display of consumer power in improving the welfare of animals across Australia.

Simplot Australia’s Good Egg Award follows the RSPCA’s ongoing work to improve layer hen welfare through the Set a Sister Free campaign where supporters continue to contact food manufacturers demanding a switch to cage-free eggs in products.

 “Simplot Australia has listened to their customers and we are thrilled to publically award them for their leadership in making the switch from using eggs from hens that live their life in a cage to those that are cage free.

“Half of all eggs produced in Australia end up in food manufacturing, most of which are produced by hens confined to cages, so commitments from companies like Simplot Australia will make a huge difference to the lives of hens.

“The RSPCA is looking forward to more food manufacturers stepping up to the plate and making a commitment to layer hens in Australia by switching to cage-free eggs and helping Set a Sister Free,” said Ms Neil.

This commitment from Simplot Australia joins cage-free commitments from other manufacturers, quick service restaurants and retailers; including The Food Company, McDonalds, Subway, the South Melbourne Markets and Woolworths.

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Photo 1 Heather Neil (RSPCA Australia CEO) and Callum Elder (Simplot Australia Executive Director - Quality and Innovation) 

Photo 2 Good Egg Award