Thousands of Australians have been campaigning for an end to animal testing of cosmetics and today their calls were recognised in the Senate.

A motion, co-sponsored by Senators representing all political parties and states, calls for the Government to eliminate unnecessary animal testing methods to evaluate the safety of cosmetic products and ingredients.

“We welcome this motion and were very encouraged to see such extensive support from the Senate – it is fantastic recognition of community opposition to cruel and unnecessary animal testing of cosmetics,” said Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia.

“This is a great first step and we look forward to seeing a timeframe set for when a complete end on animal testing of cosmetics will be put in place.

“This motion makes clear the political opposition to animal testing of cosmetics and we look forward to the cosmetic industry publically supporting this move.

“This level of parliamentary support follows the dedicated action of RSPCA supporters who have sent more than two hundred and eighty thousand emails to major cosmetic brands calling for an to end animal testing.

“We encourage all Australians to show their support for an end to animal testing of cosmetics by visiting rspca.org.au/cosmetics,” said Ms Neil.