RSPCA Australia is demanding immediate action by the federal government following the release of shocking images of Australian animals suffering in the Middle East shown on ABC’s Lateline last night. 

The horrifying vision showed Australian bulls being roped and having their throats slashed in the streets of Gaza and sheep bundled into car boots in Kuwait and Jordan during the recent Festival of Sacrifice.

For more than 12 months the Australian government has been aware of appalling treatment of Australian cattle in Gaza, yet they continue to allow animals to be exported and exposed to similar risks. 

 “More than one hundred thousand Australian cattle have been exported to Israel in the past year despite the government knowing full well it’s a region plagued by problems,” said Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia.

“The Australian public, the majority of who don’t support the live export of animals for slaughter, deserves to know how the government plans to deal with these latest breaches and how it will ensure Australian cattle already in the region will be protected from similar treatment.

“It’s time for the government and industry to take significant action against these repeat offenders in order to prevent ongoing cruelty to Australian cattle.

“The exporter, Livestock Shipping Services, has demonstrated time and time again that it is incapable of protecting the Australian animals in its care, so why is the live export industry still defending a recalcitrant company?

“We’re tired of the industry crying crocodile tears when the brutality of the live export industry is exposed – if they genuinely wanted to stamp out cruelty they would as a minimum banish rogue exporters rather than pedal out the PR machine in a bid to hose down public concerns.

“The industry is only as good as its worst performer and LSS has certainly done more than enough to earn that title,” said Ms Neil.