Australia’s peak greyhound racing body, Greyhounds Australasia, will no longer issue passports for greyhounds to be exported to Macau and Vietnam following continued pressure from animal welfare groups, including the RSPCA, amid extensive animal welfare concerns. The decision comes following an internal Industry review and the release of Greyhounds Australasia’s Review of Greyhound Export Welfare Standards.

RSPCA Australia has welcomed the voluntary suspension but is calling for the industry to further strengthen its standards.

“It’s encouraging to see Greyhounds Australasia acknowledging some of the serious animal welfare issues associated with export, however, the new industry export standards are not stringent enough to adequately protect exported greyhounds,” said Dr Jade Norris, RSPCA Australia, Scientific Officer.

“The RSPCA is also concerned that industry will continue to issue passports allowing greyhounds to be exported to countries that are not fully compliant with industry’s own standards – including Ireland, the US and New Zealand.

“For real improvements to occur there needs to be stronger, government regulations urgently implemented and enforced.

“While it’s encouraging that Greyhounds Australasia is embarking on improving standards for exported animals the RSPCA would like to see improvements to standards domestically as well, including the provision of adequate socialisation and environmental enrichment,” said Dr Norris.

Media contact: Elise Meakin, 0419 748 907, emeakin@rspca.org.au