Horse sense: RSPCA seminar shines spotlight on horse welfare

The RSPCA’s 2023 Animal Welfare Seminar gets underway today, bringing together experts to share knowledge and insights about improving horse welfare in Australia.

Held online over two afternoons today and tomorrow, the Seminar will focus on horse welfare across many different contexts, including horses as companion animals, in competition, racing, and as working animals.

RSPCA Australia CEO Richard Mussell said that while there has been some improvement in the welfare of horses in Australia, that there was still a long way to go.

“Horses occupy an important role in our society and in our lives,” said Mr Mussell.

“They may provide companionship, entertainment or support. Indeed, we often define horses by their relationship with humans.

“But no matter how we live alongside them, we know that their welfare must be considered a priority. This includes considering their care, health, housing, training, exercise and general management.”

“That’s why RSPCA’s 2023 Animal Welfare Seminar will explore several key horse welfare issues and bring together a diverse range of stakeholders to share their insights.

“We’re excited with the breadth of expertise and knowledge on the Seminar program.

“Attendees will have the chance to hear about horse welfare topics as broad as neuroscience, equine welfare during exercise, ethical training, and participation in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games – as well as hear from several of our speakers together on a panel discussion tomorrow afternoon.

“The Seminar is sure to engage and enlighten anyone with an interest in horse welfare.”

Speakers are available for interview. The program is available here.