RSPCA welcomes new code on cosmetic animal testing claims

The RSPCA has today welcomed the release of a new Code of Practice to guide the Australian cosmetics industry on advertising claims relating to the animal testing status of cosmetic products. 

The Code was developed by cosmetics industry peak body, Accord Australasia, following new laws introduced by the Australian Government in 2019 restricting the use of animal testing data to support the introduction of new chemical ingredients in Australian cosmetic products. 

RSPCA Australia CEO Richard Mussell said the ongoing risk that chemicals used in cosmetics had been tested on animals was a key concern for Australian consumers. 

“While the new laws further limit the use of animal-tested ingredients in cosmetics, they do not completely prevent it - hence the importance of an industry Code to provide guidance to cosmetic companies and retailers on what advertising claims they should and should not be making.   

“The RSPCA has been working hard for a number of years, alongside our international counterparts, to end the use of animal testing in the cosmetics industry, globally. 

“More and more Australians are looking to select cosmetics they can trust have not been tested on animals.  

“The Code is a great step towards making it clear, to industry and consumers alike, what the best practice animal welfare advertising claims look like.  

“We would like to acknowledge Accord for their work in achieving this, and we thank them for taking onboard our comments during the development of the Code.”   

The RSPCA continues to encourage consumers to look out for the ‘bunny’ logos of established certification bodies Choose Cruelty Free and Cruelty Free International.