RSPCA Australia welcomes the appointment of the Hon David Littleproud MP as Agriculture Minister

RSPCA Australia has welcomed the appointment of the Hon David Littleproud MP as Agriculture Minister in the Morrison Government.

RSPCA Australia CEO Richard Mussell said good animal welfare is essential for the animal agriculture sector to thrive.

When one part of the industry gets it wrong, it impacts negatively upon the national and international reputation of Australian farming as a whole.

"What the community and groups like the RSPCA want to see is national leadership on animal welfare, positive reforms for animals, industries being well regulated, and held to high standards that are based on robust science.

“The coming years will present significant opportunities for Australian farmers to invest in higher welfare practices that will attract new market opportunities,": he said.

"We look forward to working with the Minister and his team to bring those opportunities to fruition. RSPCA Australia also acknowledged the work of outgoing Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie.

“While I didn’t have the opportunity to meet and work with Senator McKenzie personally – having only started in this role a few short weeks ago – I understand she had a significant impact on the portfolio during her nine months in the office,” said Mr Mussell.

“While we may not always agree with the policy positions of the government of the day, we do agree that for as long as such practices continue - live animal exports, for example - they must meet the highest possible science-based animal welfare standards.

“As my predecessors have said in the past, sadly we have all seen what happens when animal welfare is neglected.

“This is in nobody’s best interests, least of all, the government that oversees the trade or the producers that are farming animals and care for their welfare.

“And we aim to continue working constructively with the Government, as we always have, toward that common goal of improving animal welfare," said Mr Mussell.