Nation’s Agriculture Ministers meeting opportunity to lead on animal welfare

As state, territory and federal Agriculture ministers convene for their biannual AGMIN forum, the RSPCA is calling for united national leadership on animal welfare.

RSPCA Australia CEO Richard Mussell said tomorrow’s meeting represents a key opportunity for agriculture ministers to respond to the community’s pressing concerns about animal welfare in several areas.

“Improving the welfare of retired racehorses, progressing the finalisation of the national standards for the welfare of poultry, and strengthening the independence of the national animal welfare standards development process are all key priority issues.

“Promoting good standards of animal welfare and stamping out animal cruelty wherever it occurs has never been more important to the Australian community.

“Agriculture ministers have ultimate responsibility for our nation’s animal welfare standards and the way they are implemented and enforced.

“The buck ultimately stops with them and the Australian community is calling for action.

“I trust that our agriculture ministers have been listening and that they will prioritise the issues that Australians care so deeply about.

RSPCA Australia looks forward to learning of the progress made on these and other animal welfare issues following tomorrow’s meeting.