RSPCA welcomes Senate support for national horse traceability register

The RSPCA has welcomed the report from the Senate Committee into the feasibility of a national horse traceability register, showing overwhelming support from industry, animal welfare groups and the community for better oversight of the movement of horses throughout their lives.

Following recent footage aired on the ABC’s 7.30 showing the fate of ex-racehorses sent to slaughter, it has become more apparent than ever that major reform is needed to address the lack of accountability and tracking of horses across the country.

A national horse traceability register would enable horses to be tracked from birth to death, and provide much needed oversight into horse welfare, including the outcomes for horses exiting the racing industry.

The RSPCA urges all industry groups, from those representing recreational horse owners, to racing authorities, through to animal welfare organisations and government to put their full support behind this initiative. For the register to be effective, it must have buy-in from across the sector.

The RSPCA welcomes the Committee’s recommendation that it be involved in the working group tasked with progressing the formation of a register.