RSPCA welcomes passage of Bill to establish Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports

The RSPCA has today welcomed the passage of the Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Bill through Parliament, saying it will improve accountability within the live export trade.

The establishment of an independent Inspector-General to oversee the Department of Agriculture’s regulation of live export was a key recommendation of the 2018 Moss Review.

The Moss Review found that the Department’s focus on trade facilitation negatively impacted its culture as a regulator of animal welfare. 

This resulted in the continued approval of shipments despite conclusive evidence over many years that animal health and welfare would be severely compromised.

As long as the regulation of animal welfare falls to the Department of Agriculture, the need for strong oversight by the Inspector-General will remain. 

The RSPCA congratulates Minister Bridget McKenzie on the passing of the Bill and acknowledges the amendments introduced by Senator Mehreen Faruqi to ensure that animal welfare will be a core focus of the Inspector-General’s work. The RSPCA is pleased to see that these amendments were adopted by the Government and supported by Labor.

The RSPCA acknowledges that the establishment of the Inspector-General will not be the panacea to the inherent animal welfare problems in the live export trade, but added accountability and stronger regulation is a positive step forward.