RSPCA calls for inquiry into animal welfare management on remote pastoral stations

Following two mass mortality incidents of cattle on remote pastoral stations in the Pilbara and Kimberley, and the recent identification of “dozens” more high-risk stations, the RSPCA is calling for accelerated action to prevent further deaths.

RSPCA WA welcomes the WA Government’s initiative in convening a roundtable with industry stakeholders last week but says more needs to be done in light of revelations that many more stations are at high risk of similar animal welfare disasters.

With dry conditions expected to continue, it is vital that urgent action is taken to address the key issues and failings that need to be rectified to prevent more cattle suffering and dying.

In addition to calling for immediate action, RSPCA WA believes a fully resourced, open and transparent government inquiry is necessary to properly investigate the level and nature of the risks posed and what can be done to prevent further incidents in the future