RSPCA welcomes news of study into moving dolphins out of captivity

RSPCA Australia has today commended Dolphin Marine Magic and Action for Dolphins for their collaborative work to explore the feasibility of a sea pen sanctuary for dolphins at the Coffs Harbour facility.

RSPCA Australia agrees this is an important opportunity for the dolphins currently held by Dolphin Marine Magic to live the remainder of their lives in a more natural environment, as long as it is safe and meets their welfare needs.

A sea sanctuary is made up of a large netted saltwater pen, which is protected from harsh weather and tidal surges, and usually housed in a sheltered cove or harbour.

The RSPCA said sea pens can provide a more natural environment for captive dolphins but the process needs careful consideration, substantial planning and will also require substantial financial support.

The RSPCA has long been opposed keeping dolphins in captivity for the purpose of entertainment, as scientific evidence shows their needs cannot be adequately met or provided for in a captive environment.

Although this is a positive step forward, the RSPCA continued to urge for captive breeding to also be ceased immediately, which would ultimately assist in future relocation efforts and prevent future captivity.

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