New RSPCA products help Aussie pet owners and Aussie pets

Whether it’s one of the newly released products - RSPCA Medicated Shampoo, RSPCA Ear Canker Drops, RSPCA Ear Cleaner or RSPCA Joint Health Tablets, or one of the other RSPCA Animal Health Products already in the market - by choosing RSPCA branded products, hero pet owners care for their own pets health and wellbeing, and help raise much needed funds to support the work of the RSPCA.

RSPCA Ear Cleaner for dogs and cats is non-irritating, dissolves oils and wax, cleans and dries the ear canal. The RSPCA Ear Canker Drops treats ear canker and ear mites in dogs and cats.

RSPCA Joint Support Tablets contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help maintain joint health and function in dogs, and comes in 2 convenient sizes.

RSPCA Medicated Shampoo has antibacterial, antipruritic and antifungal properties to assist in managing skin complaints in dogs and cats.

The RSPCA Ear Cleaner is suitable for everyday use.  RSPCA Medicated Shampoo and Ear Canker Drops only to be used by, or under the direction of, a registered veterinary surgeon.

The new RSPCA products join the RSPCA Allwormer for dogs and cats, RSPCA Heartwormer for dogs and RSPCA Flea Control for dogs meaning that there is a RSPCA branded choice for most of a pet's every day health care needs. Use all products only as directed.

"We'd encourage all Australian pet owners to consider the RSPCA Animal Health Products for their pet." Says Heather Neil, RSPCA Australia CEO. "Ask your veterinarian or animal health professional if these products are right for your pet, and if you do chose them, your choice benefits not just your pet, but also the tens of thousands of animals the RSPCA helps every year".

IndyVet, which launched RSPCA animal health products in 2016, and expanded the range in 2017 and again this year, report that consumer support amongst Australia pet lovers for the RSPCA branded animal health products continues to grow.

Dr Mark Perissinotto, IndyVet CEO and Chief Veterinary Officer said he's not surprised by the continued strong support. "The RSPCA is a much loved, much respected Australian charity. Aussie consumers are happy to use a reasonably priced and effective product that also contributes to the RSPCA's awesome work."

RSPCA Medicated Shampoo, RSPCA Ear cleaner, RSPCA Ear Canker Drops and RSPCA Joint Support and the other RSPCA Animal Health Products are  available from  RSPCA retail outlets, public vet clinics and adoption centres, as well as private vet clinics, pet shops, pharmacies and online retailers. Visit  for stockists.

For media inquiries, contact Steven Perissinotto 0407 124 605