Friends in high places: RSPCA establishes Parliamentary Friends Group for animal welfare

The RSPCA continues to work hard to ensure animal welfare remains high on the political agenda, with the first meeting of the Parliamentary Friends of the RSPCA held this week.

As one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted charities, the RSPCA is best positioned to lead an informed consideration on animal welfare issues at the highest levels of government, according to RSPCA Australia President and former Senator, Gary Humphries.

“The level of interest and support for the group reflects recognition of the high levels of interest and concern for animal welfare among constituents,” he said.

“The RSPCA reflects the concerns of the mainstream Australian community and as such, we’re uniquely positioned to bring those concerns to our elected representatives and advocate for positive change that reflect community expectations.

“Together, we hope to achieve great things for animal welfare in the 45th Parliament, and I warmly thank every member of the group for their support and participation,” said Mr Humphries.

A range of issues are now before the group, including the draft new Standards and Guidelines for the welfare of farmed poultry, the upcoming end on animal testing for cosmetics, investing in value-added meat exports, the Productivity Commission’s proposed Australia Commission for Animal Welfare, and a national approach to cat management.