Pain relief for calves welcomed by RSPCA

RSPCA Australia has today welcomed the registration of Tri-Solfen topical anaesthetic for use on calves undergoing painful procedures such as castration, disbudding and dehorning.

The topical anaesthetic is already being used to alleviate the pain of mulesing, tail docking and castration in lambs.

Now, dairy and beef calves that are subject to disbudding, dehorning and castration can also have topical pain relief applied.

RSPCA Australia believes that painful procedures shouldn’t be conducted unless considered necessary for the animal’s health and welfare. Where such procedures are considered necessary, they must be done using pain relief.

With an oral pain relief product already available and now the addition of a topical anaesthetic, we’re hopeful cattle producers who care about animal welfare will embrace these affordable, effective and easy-to-use options to improve the welfare of their calves.

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