"Ocean Outback" sheep at sea again

RSPCA Australia is deeply disappointed that Wellard has extended the suffering of 4,800 sheep offloaded last month from the “Ocean Outback” by on-selling them for live export. According to the Wellard Group’s statement, only 2,600 of the original consignment of 7,500 sheep will be processed domestically.

This contradicts Wellard’s statement on January 25th that “the 7,500 sheep from the vessel are currently under quarantine in Wellard’s modern feedlot and will be processed in a Western Australia export accredited abattoir”. RSPCA Australia is concerned that the destination of the sheep has not been identified, but hold fears for their welfare, following reports that the sheep were sold to Livestock Shipping Services. LSS has been the subject of numerous investigations for non-compliance with ESCAS.