Eggcellent news: ALDI makes Cage Free Commitment

RSPCA Australia has congratulated ALDI on listening to the concerns of Australian consumers and committing to supply only cage-free eggs in its stores by no later than 2025.

ALDI joins Coles and Woolworths in taking steps to improve animal welfare.

 “ALDI’s decision to phase out cage eggs will contribute to ending the inhumane practice of confining hens in cages,” said RSPCA Australia chief executive, Heather Neil.

RSPCA Australia urges ALDI to bring their timeline for transitioning to cage-free eggs forward to 2018, in line with other major companies.

“As the third largest supermarket chain in the country, ALDI has the potential to set the bar for other businesses to follow in their footsteps,” said Ms Neil.

“There are still 11 million battery hens in Australia and the sooner they can be set free from cruel cages, the better. 

 “It’s critical that consumers continue to demand cage free in retail and food service. Australia needs to banish the battery cage once and for all.”

The RSPCA is Australia’s leading animal welfare organisation and one of Australia’s most trusted charities. The RSPCA works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.