Dr Katrina Warren and RSPCA working together to promote good dog behaviour

The RSPCA has collaborated with well-known Australian vet and television personality Dr Katrina Warren to produce a new series of videos to help dog owners settle in and train their new pets.

Focused particularly on bringing home a new dog, the videos feature a number of RSPCA adoption dogs as well as Dr Katrina’s own adopted Golden Retriever, Riley.

The series recommends and demonstrates a range of proven techniques – such as exercise, reward-based training and interactive toys – as well as specialised advice, to help ensure dogs settle happily into their new home and family.

“Our latest annual national statistics reveal the RSPCA rehomed more than 16,000 dogs nationally in the past financial year,” said RSPCA Australia’s Jane Speechley.

“While it’s difficult to get an accurate understanding of the reasons dogs might be surrendered to the RSPCA, anecdotally, we know behavioural problems are sometimes the cause. And that’s a great shame, because good training and socialisation can resolve most concerns.

“From the RSPCA’s point of view, increasing our understanding of why dogs behave the way they do and educating the community about the best ways to manage their needs is very valuable. And we’re very grateful to have Dr Katrina’s support in this work,” said Ms Speechley.

“Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only are you helping a dog in need, you’re giving that animal a chance of a better life,” said Dr Katrina.

“But remember, it’s a big step for you, and for them. It can take time for a pet to be comfortable with their new family, and owners might need to deal with issues such as anxiety.

“That’s why I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with the RSPCA and help owners settle in their new family members. The key really is patience and lots of TLC,” said Dr Katrina.

The videos are available to view online now.

Dr Katrina Warren is an Ambassador for The KONG Company, which produces a range of fun and interactive toys designed to help keep dogs active and entertained.

The RSPCA is Australia’s leading animal welfare organisation and one of Australia’s most trusted charities. The RSPCA works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.