Cage Egg Producers Fearmongering over Consumer-Led Shift to Cage Free

Loud cage egg producers are using the current egg shortages being experienced in Sydney and Melbourne to fearmonger about the capacity of cage free systems to meet consumer demands.

Suggesting that increased demand for free range eggs will create egg shortages is nothing but a desperate ploy by cage egg farmers to justify their cruel and archaic systems of production.

Consumers are moving away from cage eggs in their droves because confining hens to barren battery cages is cruel. 

Scientific research shows that hens suffer intensely in battery cages.  Barely able to move and unable to flap their wings, dustbathe or lay their egg in a nest hens in cages not only suffer from psychological distress, their confinement can also lead to major bone and muscle weakness.

With an increasing demand for cage free eggs, the writing is on the wall for cage egg farming systems. For an industry to be sustainable, it must be able to adapt to changing market demands.

It is up to the egg industry to show leadership in the transition to cage free farming systems. With appropriate planning, Australia’s egg producers can improve hen welfare and meet the increasing consumer demand for cage free eggs.  

The RSPCA is Australia’s leading animal welfare organisation and one of Australia’s most trusted charities. The RSPCA works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.