72,500 Owners + 290,000 Paws step out for Million Paws Walk

An estimated 72,500 pet owners turned out at 83 locations around Australia on Sunday to support the RSPCA at the annual Million Paws Walk.

The combination of excellent weather in most States and the prospect of some serious animal networking drew enthusiastic crowds, with the number of Walkers similar to last year.

There were an estimated 25,000 walkers across Queensland; around 12,000 across New South Wales; an estimated 5,000 in South Australia; 9,000 in Western Australia; at least 15,000 in Victoria; around 3,700 in the ACT; 800 in Darwin; and 2,000 in Tasmania.

Last year, owners and their pets raised over $2 million, by posting a fundraising page, through sponsoring a walker and their pet, and with the sale of merchandise, to help to fund the RSPCA’s care for the thousands of animals who enter its shelters every year.

Supported by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, the major national sponsor of Million Paws Walk, the Walk has gained popularity, partly through the use of social media.

RSPCA Australia extends a big “thank you!” to the thousands of people who gave up their Sunday morning to help all creatures, great and small.