RSPCA welcomes shearers push to improve sheep welfare

RSPCA Australia has congratulated the Shearing Contractors’ Association of Australia (SCAA) for their public push calling on the wool industry to implement an anti-mulesing campaign. 

With over 80% of Australian lambs still being mulesed each year, it’s time for more woolgrowers to introduce breeding strategies that aim to reduce susceptibility to flystrike.

“Breeding flystrike-resistant sheep is the only long-term solution and is what growers and the industry as a whole need to be focusing on,” said Melina Tensen, RSPCA Australia Senior Scientific Officer.

“Mulesing causes pain and suffering to millions of Australian lambs every year and it’s time serious action is taken to end it.
“While the industry’s investment in research is important in assisting woolgrowers to adopt alternative strategies to combat flystrike, the only long-term solution is to breed flystrike-resistant animals.

“With so many lambs still being mulesed, something needs to change and woolgrowers need to be pro-active and commit to breeding animals with flystrike resistance.

“Members of the SCAA should be proud that they are part of a movement pushing for change on this important animal welfare issue,” said Ms Tensen.