Meat: Australia’s export future

Transitioning to a meat-only trade is not just the best option for Australian animals and farmers – but it is also possible.

RSPCA Australia is calling for both the federal Government and the Opposition to commit to further investment in the meat export industry so the transition can occur.

 “Current and already planned infrastructure means Australia has the capacity to process 100 percent of the sheep we produce and 93 percent of the cattle we produce right here in our own backyard,” said Ms Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia.

“A public commitment from the Government and Opposition to support and encourage this transition to meat-only exports will ensure the processing capacity for cattle is met in full.

“Just six percent of cattle and seven percent of sheep are exported live for slaughter: with targeted support, reducing this to zero is certainly achievable.

“Expanding the meat export trade will protect our animals as well as support growth in regional economies.    

“In Queensland alone, meat exports are worth far more to the economy than live exports. In the last five years meat exports have generated almost $15.7 billion, 43 times more than live exports. 

“Global demand for Australian meat exceeds demand for live animals, and disappearing social and economic barriers to importing chilled or frozen meat in overseas markets make NOW the perfect time to focus on expanding the meat trade,” said Ms Neil.  


Fourth infographic available for media use