Live exports: the cruel journey

The long and cruel journeys suffered by Australian animals are a routine part of the live export trade and do not need to continue.

If more animals are raised and slaughtered in Australia as part of the transition away from the live export trade not only will our local economies benefit but our animals will also be protected.

“Australian animals exported live can spend over 30 days on board ships in cramped conditions and are forced to endure extreme temperature hikes as they travel from our winter to the northern hemisphere summer,” said Ms Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia.

“The suffering they can endure during these journeys is completely unacceptable and unnecessary.

“Inadequate bedding requirements on packed live export ships see Australian sheep forced to sleep in their own manure, this is unacceptable. We should be keeping our animals here, where they are protected by Australian laws,” said Ms Neil.

Join the call today #meatnotlive.

Second infographic available for media use.