Horrific cruelty exposed in ESCAS-approved abattoir: when will this stop?

RSPCA Australia is again calling for urgent action to be taken after MORE cruelty in the live export trade is exposed.

The Department of Agriculture is investigating reports of severe cruelty at an abattoir in Israel approved under the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS), less than three weeks after shocking images of cattle being sledgehammered to death in Vietnam were exposed.

“In Vietnam we saw cruelty being blamed on poor facilities outside the supply chain: this time the cruelty is an approved abattoir that’s been deemed ESCAS compliant by the Government’s auditing process. This is a system failure of the greatest proportions,” said Dr Bidda Jones, Chief Scientist, RSPCA Australia.

“Australian cattle that have just been slaughtered are seen staggering onto the kill-room floor with their throats hanging open, then eventually hoisted while still conscious. Workers are seen twisting and breaking their tails to make it easier for them to attach the hoisting shackles.

“Australian sheep are seen being beaten with sticks, struggling as they are crammed into holding pens, and forced to jump or fall from the back of a transport truck because no ramp is provided. 

“This is the second time cruelty has been uncovered at an ESCAS-approved Israeli facility: two years ago RSPCA Australia reported animals suffering horrific cruelty at the Bakar Tnuva abattoir.

“Both abattoirs use inversion slaughter boxes; barbaric devices that force cattle upside-down to have their throats cut while fully conscious. The science on these devices is clear – they cause unnecessary suffering and have no place in a modern abattoir. Yet the Australian government continues to approve their use under ESCAS.

“The Australian public is sick and tired of witnessing this kind of cruelty and being told again and again by the Government that everything is under control – it’s clearly not,” said Dr Jones.