An EGG-cellent result for Aussie hens as Subway goes cage free

Thousands of Australian hens will live a better life thanks to Subway Australia’s announcement that its stores across the country are now serving cage-free eggs. 

Hen welfare is a major issue in Australia with 11 million hens currently confined to cages nationally for the purpose of egg production, unable to express natural behaviours such as dust bathing and stretching their wings.

“This switch will mean the 5.5 million eggs sold at Australian Subway Restaurants every year are now all from cage-free hens,” said Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia.

“This is fantastic news for Australian hens and for Australian consumers who are increasingly demanding higher welfare food.

“Subway has clearly listened to their customers and given them what they want, the fact they have implemented it 18 months ahead of schedule is certainly a bonus.

“The RSPCA congratulates Subway Australia for showing leadership by working with its supplier to source only cage-free eggs, and doing its part to help free hens from cages in Australia.

“The RSPCA looks forward to more major food businesses and companies following this lead, and making the commitment to go cage free in the very near future,” said Ms Neil.