Consumers ask ALDI to help get hens out of cages

Thousands of Australian consumers have joined with the RSPCA in urging ALDI Australia to stop contributing to animal cruelty and make a public commitment to end the sale of eggs from hens who live a life in a cage. 

“It’s time for ALDI Australia to get cracking on hen welfare,” said Heather Neil, CEO, RSPCA Australia.

“Eleven million Australian hens live their life confined to a cage which provides less space than an A4 sheet of paper per bird and prevents them from expressing the most natural of behaviours like spreading their wings or laying their eggs in a nest.

“ALDI Australia has the ability to help get hens out of cages and end this suffering by making a commitment to removing eggs from hens that live in a cage from its shelves.

“At a global level ALDI has already made some major animal welfare commitments; eggs from cage hens are no longer sold in their German stores and their German counterparts even have a policy against the use of eggs from cage hens in ALDI-manufactured products.

“Alongside many major Australian companies including McDonalds, Woolworths and Simplot there is also many smaller and medium-sized businesses like The Food Company and Snowy Mountain Cookies who are already making major commitments to improving hen welfare by phasing out eggs produced by caged hens – serious movement is happening across the board.

“It’s time for ALDI Australia to make its own ‘supermarket switch’ by putting hen welfare first and publically committing to removing eggs from cage hens from its shelves,” said Ms Neil.

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