Care about hens? Choose RSPCA Approved

In the wake of continued uncertainty around food labelling, particularly regarding free-range eggs, shoppers are being urged to choose RSPCA Approved to be confident they’re getting what they pay for.

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has released a report into free-range egg labelling and is calling for enforceable national free-range egg standards.

“More and more consumers care about the welfare of laying hens and want to be assured they are buying higher welfare. To help cut through any confusion in the egg aisle, consumers should choose RSPCA Approved,” said Hope Bertram, Humane Food Marketing Manager, RSPCA Australia. 

“RSPCA Approved Standards focus on providing hens with an environment that matches their needs, including nest boxes in which to lay their eggs, opportunities to dust bathe and perch, and enough space to stretch and flap their wings.

“In the past year alone, the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme saw 220 million hens, chickens, turkeys and pigs live a better life thanks to RSPCA animal welfare standards.

“Buying RSPCA Approved higher welfare eggs is a great way to support those farmers who are making a big difference to the lives of hens every day.

“The RSPCA supports moves to implement nationally consistent and enforceable standards for free-range eggs,” said Ms Bertram.

To find a stockist near you visit If you can’t find RSPCA Approved eggs in your local area – contact your favourite brand and ask them to join!