McDonald’s to introduce happy deal for Aussie hens

The RSPCA has welcomed the news McDonald’s will be ceasing its use of cage eggs in all restaurants across Australia by the end of 2017.

With 11 million hens confined to cages across Australia, all being denied the ability to express natural behaviours such as spreading their wings, dust bathing and laying their eggs in a nest, this decision is an important step forward for hen welfare.

RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil said McDonald’s decision to switch to only use cage-free eggs was another success for Australian hens and consumers.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about animal welfare and have long been asking for higher welfare products when dining out,” said Ms Neil.

“McDonald’s commitment to removing cage eggs from its restaurants is a fantastic step forward for improving hen welfare, and is a key indicator of consumer power in action.

“We’re certainly looking forward to hearing more about the broader animal welfare initiative McDonalds has said this announcement is part of,” said Ms Neil. 

The RSPCA encourages all other quick service restaurants to follow McDonald’s lead and publicly commit to ending the use of cage eggs on their menus as well.