Inquiry fails to protect NSW greyhounds

The RSPCA is disappointed that the recommendations of a parliamentary inquiry into greyhound racing in New South Wales fail to provide the reform the industry needs.

The lengthy report from the Legislative Council Select Committee on Greyhound Racing in NSW includes a detailed examination of the welfare of greyhounds, but does not adequately address many of the issues raised by the RSPCA.

“Despite the Inquiry receiving evidence of many serious and inherent animal welfare problems, the recommendations don’t go nearly far enough to protect the thousands of greyhounds involved in this industry,” said Dr Jade Norris, RSPCA Australia Scientific Officer.

“Clear evidence of significant overbreeding and high injury, wastage and euthanasia, rates have not been adequately dealt with.

“The Inquiry also failed to recommend comprehensive data reporting to address the current lack of transparency and accountability by the industry,” Dr Norris said.

“Without mandatory reporting and a detailed code of practice covering all stages of greyhound breeding, rearing, training and racing, many of the serious and systemic welfare concerns highlighted in the report are likely to continue,” said Dr Norris.

The RSPCA has welcomed the Inquiry’s proposal to improve the capacity to investigate complaints of live animals being used to train greyhounds.

“We urge the NSW government to urgently act on the Inquiry’s recommendation to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979, to prevent live baiting from occurring and allow for effective enforcement.”

The RSPCA also supports the implementation of recommendations relating to the socialisation, breeding, re-homing of greyhounds and racetrack design. 

The RSPCA remains committed to working with the NSW Government and racing industry to ensure that the report leads to tangible improvements in the welfare of racing greyhounds.

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