National TV ad launching today calls on PM to ban live export

In an unprecedented alliance, Australia’s two peak animal protection groups RSPCA Australia and Animals Australia are joining forces with Australia’s leading community advocacy group GetUp, to launch a national TV ad campaign calling on the Gillard Government to end live exports.

The TVC, which starts airing nationally on free-to-air and pay-TV tomorrow morning, features shocking footage of the routine abuse of Australian exported animals in Indonesia and the Middle East. The hard-hitting ads call on Prime Minister Gillard to intervene to end live animal exports.

“Today, more cattle are leaving Western Australia for Indonesia, the fourth shipment to leave Australia since these atrocities were brought to the Government’s attention. The Gillard Government is now directly complicit in animal cruelty,” said Lyn White, Cruelty Investigator for Animals Australia.

“Julia Gillard has the ultimate power to stop these shipments and protect Australian animals from being brutalised in Indonesian slaughterhouses. These ads will run every day until the Prime Minister takes appropriate action to safeguard the welfare of Australian animals by immediately halting the trade to Indonesia.”

“The government’s lack of action is unforgivable. We have no choice but to make the Prime Minister publicly accountable for the continuation of this trade, and to appeal to her to intervene and protect Australian animals,” said Dr Bidda Jones, RSPCA Australia Chief Scientist.

“In just three days, over 200,000 Australians have joined a petition to the Government to stop live exports. Now we’re taking it a step further by chipping in together to put this TV ad on air,” said GetUp Campaigns Director Sam McLean.

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A broadcast quality version of the ad and hi-res screen stills can be downloaded at: